Hyundai Patents Folding Car In the U.S

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Hyundai has filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a foldable city car.

The sketches emerged are from the patent that was published on January 14, the sketches reveal that Hyundai's foldable vehicle will feature a front floor coupled with the front wheels, along with a rear floor linked to the rear wheels. This feature should enable the user to increase or decrease the wheelbase by sliding the floor over and under.

According to the same patent, the windshield is hinged to the front floor while the rear cabin is hinged to the back floor.This should allow the windshield and rear cabin to fold inward.

Even though it sounds complicated, the sketches reveal a lot more about Hyundai's folding mechanism works. A folding car can be an optimal solution in crowded cities where finding an empty parking space is a tricky business.

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