Best Electric Bike Models

Here is a list of the best electric bikes in India. Check out these top-ranked electric scooters prices, specifications, features, and more.

  • 1 . Tork T6X

    New Tork T6X
    1,25,000 Onwards
    Electric motorcycles have come a long way and the Tork T6X is a prime example. The Tork T6X can cover a range of 100km on a full charge and draws power from a 6kW motor that produces 27Nm of torque. The T6X was built ground-up and the company, a startup, claims that the Tork T6X can be charged up to 80 percent in 60 minutes.
  • 2 . Ather 450

    New Ather 450
    The Ather 450 is one of the best electric scooters available in the Indian market. The Ather 450 comes equipped with several features and sports an attractive design language. The Ather 450 is equipped with a 2.4kWh Lithium-ion battery. The scooter delivers a riding range of 75km on a single charge on Eco mode and the electric scooter can reach a top speed of 80km/h.
  • 3 . Okinawa Praise

    New Okinawa Praise
    59,889 Onwards
    The Okinawa Praise is a premium electric scooter from India’s fastest growing electric two-wheeler manufacturer. The Praise looks stylish and offers good performance for daily commuting. The premium electric scooter comes with a host of features such as a side-stand sensor, keyless entry, find my scooter function, anti-theft mechanism and much more. The Okinawa Praise comes equipped with a 1,000-watt electric motor which produces 3.35bhp of power. The Praise can reach a top speed of 75km/h, which makes it the fastest electric scooter in India.
  • 4 . Hero Electric Photon

    New Hero Electric Photon
    46,151 Onwards
    The Hero Electric Photon is the most powerful offering by the electric bike manufacturer and boasts two riding modes — Economy and Power. The Photon has a range of 50km in the Power mode while on Economy mode, the scooter can travel 80km on a single charge. Standard features include a polycarbonate headlamp, telescopic front forks, and a disc brake for the front. The Hero Electric Photon requires a valid driver’s licence and registration to be used on the road.
  • 5 . Yo Electron ER

    New Yo Electron ER
    36,937 Onwards
    The Yo Electron ER is an electric scooter which is part of the Gujarat-based electric two-wheeler maker’s range. It features a light-weight design and resembles most of its petrol powered counterparts. The Yo Electron ER is powered by a 250w hub motor that has a range of 70km with a top speed of 25kmph. The hub motor is given power through a 24Ah battery that requires 6-8 hours of charging time.
  • 6 . Hero Electric Optima Plus

    New Hero Electric Optima Plus
    35,690 Onwards
    The Hero Electric Optima Plus is powered by an electric motor that develops less than 250watt of power and has a range of around 70km on a full charge. The battery takes about six to eight hours to charge fully, and since the battery output is low, the scooter does not need registration or a licence.
  • 7 . Yo Xplor

    New Yo Xplor
    38,978 Onwards
    The YO Xplor gets a multi-reflector head lamp and a telescopic suspension in the front. It features a digital odometer with trip switch and displays power mode from 35 to 55 kmph and economy mode from 30 to 35 kmph. The scooter is powered by a 250W motor and a 33 Ah VRLA battery. The company claims that this battery takes six to eight hours for a complete charge and the scooter can run for 105 to 110kms on a single charge.
  • 8 . Okinawa Ridge

    New Okinawa Ridge
    42,400 Onwards
    The Okinawa Ridge is the entry-level scooter from India’s fastest growing electric two-wheeler manufacturer. The overall design of the Ridge is simple and minimalistic with the apron-mounted headlight. The Okinawa Ridge comes with features such as sporty headlight, alloy wheels and digital instrument cluster. The scooter is equipped with an 800-watt electric motor that produces 1.6bhp of power. The scooter delivers a riding range of 80-90km and has a top speed of 55km/h.
  • 9 . Hero Electric Cruz Li

    New Hero Electric Cruz Li
    54,502 Onwards
    The Hero Electric Cruz, although features a only a 250watt electric motor, comes with telescopic front forks and an advanced throttle mechanism that helps in quick acceleration. The Cruz also features a large storage section and can travel 70km on a single charge. The Cruz, owing to its small engine, need not be registered by the RTO, nor does it require a licence.

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