Google To Commercialise Its Self Driving Car, Hires Former Airbnb Executive

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Google is gearing up to launch its self driving cars into the market. By hiring former Airbnb executive, Shawn Stewart, Google has made it clear that the company soon commercialise its autonomous driving vehicle.

Stewart will be the Director of self driving car project, and will report to CEO, John Krafcik. Google's self driving cars are still in development phase, but expected to hit US roads in next few years. Google have already stated that, self driving cars will be ready to enter the market by 2020.

Stewart's experience in Airbnb, a short term rental marketplace, will definitely help Google in marking their impression in autonomous car industry. Autonomous software firm nuTonomy, is already running driverless taxis in Singapore. Also Uber is using Volvo self driving cars, to pick up passengers in Pittsburgh.

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