New Brain For Driverless Cars, Nvidia Reveals New Processor

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Graphics chipmaker Nvidia has launched its new processor for futuristic driverless cars. It's named as Parker, the new mobile processor which will be Nvidia's latest offering in autonomous technology.

The Drive XP2 was first showcased at the January 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The XP2 will have two Parker processors and two graphical processing unit, Pascal. Nvidia claims that the XP2 will deliver 24 trillion deep learning operations per second, which allows the car to sense the surrounding.

Nvidia Parker Processor

Nvidia says the Parker processor is 50 to 100 percent higher in performance than any mobile processor. More than 80 carmakers are working with Nvidia on this project. In fact, Volvo plans to test the XP2 in its SUV next year.

The new driverless car technology is becoming a good opportunity for Nvidia to showcase their artificial intelligence technology.

Nvidia's market rival, Intel has also been up to the task by collaborating with Mobileye and BMW to develop self driving car technology. Recently, Baidu also announced that it will be using Intel chips to develop autonomous car technology.

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