It's Time To Race Without The Drivers! Roborace Teaser Revealed

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After the advent of autonomous driving technology, driverless cars are the most trending topic in the auto industry. Now, it's time to race these driverless cars. Yes, Roborace was on the drawing board a year ago and after that, it went all quiet for a while. But now, a teaser has been revealed showcasing a driverless car racing in a circuit.

'DevBot' as they call the test car, is seen to be having the basic software and hardware that all teams will be using when this new racing series goes live, alongside Formula E Races. Roborace claims that the car is completely custom made, except for its cabin.

Roborace Devbot

That means the car is likely to be running on a Nvidia Drive PX2 supercomputer and the autonomous technology that Roborace unveiled earlier. In the teaser video released, we can see a driver taking the car to the main straight, and lets the car drive by itself. The track is likely to be the Silverstone Circuit of England.

DevBot will break cover on August 24, during the open practise sessions of Formula E at the Donington Park. The races will commence from next year, parallel to the Formula E series.

In video below, you can watch the teaser clip released by Roborace.

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