The New Trend Of Self Driven Cars Continues, Mobileye And Delphi Collaborate For A New Project

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Automotive firm Delphi and Mobileye are coming together to work on an autonomous driving car which will be available by 2019.

Individually, both Delphi and Mobileye have made significant contributions toward driverless car technology, Now, these two companies are joining together to build one successful self driving car.

Mobileye Delphi Autonomous Car

Mobileye specialize in computer vision, machine learning, and mapping, whereas Delphi takes care of sensors, software and system integration. Combined, both will be a perfect recipe for a driverless car.

The aim is to create an autonomous system of SAE Level 4 and 5, where the computer takes full control over driving, without the intervention of human being.

This project known as 'Central Sensing Localization and Planning' or CSLP. It will be showcased in Consumer Electronic Show 2017, in Las Vegas, and will be available in 2019. Ford also recently stated that they will be producing driverless cars for cities by 2021.

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