Volvo India Revise Pricing Of New Models Ahead Of Festive Season

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Volvo Auto India has revised its pricing across the country. Currently, the Swedish-based automobile manufacturer offers a wide range of products in the Indian market. Take a look below to know the new pricing of Volvo vehicles in the country as of now.

Here are the revised prices of Volvo models sold in India:

  • V40 D3 Kinetic costs Rs. 25.5 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • V40 R-Design costs Rs. 28.53 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • V40 Cross Country T4 Petrol costs Rs. 25.5 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • V40 Cross Country D3 Inscription costs Rs. 29.45 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • V40 D3 Kinetic model costs Rs. 25.5 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • S60 Kinetic costs Rs. 30.8 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • S60 Momentum costs Rs. 35 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • S60 Inscription costs Rs. 39 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • S60 Cross Country Inscription costs Rs. 38.9 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • S60 R-Design costs Rs. 41.7 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • S60 T6 Petrol costs Rs. 43.2 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • XC60 Kinetic costs Rs. 44.8 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • XC60 Momentum costs Rs. 47.9 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • XC60 Inscription costs Rs. 51.7 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • XC60 R-Design costs Rs. 53.5 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • XC90 Momentum costs Rs. 70.9 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • XC90 Inscription costs Rs. 82.9 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi)
  • XC90 Excellence T8 costs Rs. 1.25 crore ex-showroom (Delhi)

Updated prices will be effective immediately across Volvo outlets in India. Currently, Volvo has fifteen sales and service outlets across the country. They plan on inaugurating new dealerships in Indore, Lucknow, Pune, and Jaipur soon.

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