Top 10 Selling Two-Wheelers During Financial Year 2014-15

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As the financial year of 2014-15 comes to an end, two-wheeler sales in India has seen a rise in sales, apart from a few brands.

In the sales world, which is dominated by just motorcycles, one scooter has managed to emerge as a worthy contender.

A few good, reputed brands have seen a dip in sales, while a few brands look like there is nothing that can stop them since their numbers just keep rising year after year.

Let's take a look at top 10 motorcycles that have been sold during the financial year of 2014-15:

10. Glamour:

Taking the number 10 spot is the Glamour. This product from Hero MotoCorp sold 5,51,486 units during the financial year of 2014-15, while it was not even among the top 10 list during the financial year of 2013-14.

9. Discover:

At number nine is the Bajaj Discover, having sold 552855 units. During 2013-14, the Discover enjoyed the fifth spot, selling 985679 units. It has seen a drop of 43.9 percent during 2014-15.

8. Dream:

The Honda Dream takes the eighth spot. The Japanese motorcycle maker sold 6,14,342 units during 2014-15, compared to 5,65,149 units Honda sold during 2013-14 standing at number 9.

7. Pulsar:

At number 7 is the Bajaj Pulsar, having sold 6,31,354 units, compared to selling 6,00,689 units the previous year. The Pulsar has also moved up the ladder by one spot, compared to the previous year.

6. TVS XL Super:

Number 6 goes to the only moped and also the only two-stroke in India. This product from TVS sold 7,55,503 units during 2014-15, and has seen a steady growth since the previous year, having sold 7,22,920 units.

5. CB Shine:

The Honda CB Shine takes the 5th place. Having sold 8,27,458 units, the CB Shine has moved up one place in the ladder, after selling 7,28,766 units during 2013-14.

4. HF Deluxe:

Another product from Hero MotoCorp, the HF Deluxe takes the 4th place, after selling 10,82,193 units. During 2013-14, the HF Deluxe sold 10,33,332 units, taking the fourth place as well.

3. Passion:

At number three is the Passion, also from the Hero MotoCorp's stables. The Passion retains the third spot from last year, but having a drop in sales of 7.4 percent. The Passion managed to sell 13,41,424 units during 2014-15, compared to 14,47,877 units during 2013-14.

2. Activa:

The number two spot is taken by the only scooter in our list-the Activa. This Honda product has seen a growth of 30.1 percent since last year, selling 21,78,227 units, compared to selling 16,74,178 units it sold in 2013-14.

1. Splendour:

The Splendour with its very economical power plant retains its number one spot since last year. Having sold 25,17,189 units during 2014-15, it has had a growth of 11.1 percent since last financial year, when it sold 22,65,676 units.

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