2015 Shanghai Auto Show: BMW To Introduce Augmented Reality Glasses

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BMW, the German carmaker has taken a step towards providing safety to its cars as well as help people with parking their BMWs by introducing Augmented Reality Glasses very soon.

This new feature will be introduced during the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, that is to take place this April.

The Augmented Reality Glass will make the BMWs rear pillars and boot invisible, which will allow a driver to actually see the cars and obstacles around you.

Although other carmakers like Jaguar and a few others have introduced similar technology in the past, BMW is planning to have the glass display various other information like speed and speed limit, which the HUD units display.

While parking is a very stressful mission for a few, the cameras around the car will send live footage to your lenses about what is around the car on the outside, so that parking will be easier.

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