Is This The Friendliest Car Horn Of All Time?

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Have you been frustrated when the car behind you keeps honking? And wished you had a car horn which is pleasant to hear? Well, an engineer and YouTuber named Mark Rober installed a custom horn system in his Jetta which is a lot nicer.

To provide more methods of communication than just to blare the horn, Rober built a custom car horn rig with multiple sounds for different scenarios. He used a cheap, easily programmable soundboard, an inline inverter, a cheap amp, a cheap PA speaker, and some good old-fashioned know-how; he put together a triple-tone system that's both awesome and functional.

The PA speaker was mounted under the hood of his car and wired it to a band of light-up horn buttons he custom installed in his centre console. He then programmed with two sounds - a friendly two-beat reminder tone and an even friendlier record of Star Wars' R2-D2 chirping. The third button is for those times when you want to grab someone's attention.

Watch the video above as Rober explains the instructions and the parts involved in developing the friendliest car horn.

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An innovative and thoughtful invention and hope we'll be able to see it fitted in future vehicles and get rid of those unwanted blaring noises from a car horn.

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