Honda To Phase Out CBF Stunner From India

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Honda India has a strong product line-up with an offering in almost every category. The Japanese manufacturer has a strong hold in scooters as well as in the commuter segment. It also has a few offerings in the premium segment too.

The Japanese manufacturer had earlier launched a semi-faired bike in India dubbed as the CBF Stunner. It was a highly successful product when it was launched in India, however, over the years it has not received any significant updates and has started to show its age.

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The bike was a wave of fresh air during its time, it sported a 125cc air-cooled engine. The Honda engine produced 11 horsepower, along with 11 Nm of peak torque. The CBF Stunner was mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Japanese manufacturer had introduced fuel injection as an additional variant.

Now Honda has stopped the regular production of its CBF Stunner due to poor demand. They are contemplating completely phasing out the product in India. The Japanese manufacturer has not taken the motorcycle off its website and will clear its stock before they announce the end of its semi-faired motorcycle.

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Honda India had earlier discontinued its CB Dazzler in India, due to the same trend that is being followed by their CBF Stunner. Official dealers claim that they have not received the motorcycle in over three months, however, there are no orders for the motorcycle as well.

The Japanese manufacturer is soon to launch its CBR 300R in India and will phase out the previous generation motorcycle. It is a common practice for manufacturers to phase out a non-profit making product. However, we believe Honda India could have done a lot more with its CBF Stunner.


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