Get Ready To Be Flown By Drones To Work — What Congested Roads In India Need!

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With India facing traffic jams in every city, there needs to be a new alternative to reach destinations. The roads and rails are seeing great numbers of users and takes some time to reach your destination.

Airbus is on an ambitious project on the self-flying taxi, the company is working actively to get this to reality within the next decade. The project has been named 'Vahana' (Sanskrit word for "that which carries, that which pulls").

Users of the self-flying taxi arriving at an airport would book a seat on the so-called zenHop "CityAirbus" drone, you will then proceed to zenHub helipad based on the concept by Airbus.

You will be flown to the destination at the same cost as a taxi since the ride will be shared by other passengers as well. Even the luggage will be delivered by another service called zenLuggage and the whole thing will be safeguarded by zenCyber from hackers.

Airbus has kept the CityAirbus multi-rotor, electric aircraft design under wraps; however, there is an artist impression of the self-flying taxi revealed.

The company is also working on a drone delivery service and plans are to start testing it at Singapore university by 2017.

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