2015 Nandi Hill Climb: In Pictures

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This year's Nandi Hill Climb promised so much. After practice on Tuesday, competitors, both amateur and the legendary, began battling it out up the twisties of Nandi Hills on Thursday (Day 1 - Two Wheelers). There were plenty of thrills and a fair share of spills for the large turnout of spectators to witness. But the story abruptly ended at 5:30 pm on Wednesday evening.

Unprecedented participation from riders meant that several categories of two-wheelers couldn't race up the steep ghat, because unfortunately, permission for the event had been granted only till half past five. It was then announced that the remaining categories of motorcycles would race on Day 2, followed by the four-wheeler categories.

Alas, that was not to be, and Day 2 began with the news of the event being cancelled. Rumours aplenty were floating around for the reasons for the cancellation, but it all circled around the unfortunate accidents and hooliganism of the first day. So the mood was of huge disappointment obviously, and all the fancy race-prepped machines stood parked at the bottom of the hill, rather than race up it. Oh, and authorities described all of us present as "public nuaysense".

Four in the afternoon, and the last of the performance exhaust notes had sounded for this year. It was a sad end to the 2015 Nandi Hill Climb, with things not looking too bright for the event's future.

We've put together a gallery of shots from the two days. You'll see some really insane pieces of machinery and great action, so click through and enjoy.


Gas on.


Classic shoulder out.


One of the quickest riders of the day.


Round the last corner.


One of the spills on the last corner where the rider completely lost the front.


Everything was tried, including a dirt riding technique.


Lean on me, said the Yamaha.


One of the reasons the event was cancelled.


Going up around the bend.


That's one seriously modded Dolphin, ladies and gentlemen.


Rear-drive hatchbacks are almost extinct now, but the Dolphin lives on...


Look Ma, an exhaust in front!


Zen and the art of competitive driving.


A couple of rare Zen Carbons were souped up plenty good.


The good ol' Esteem, one of the pillars of Indian motorsport.


Another Zen from the fold.


Yup, I'm quick.


Sorry sir, we're out of stock.


Even the huge flare couldn't contain the rubber on this one.


The Baleno that everyone was talking about on the day.


Unfortunately, all this camera-fitted drone didn't get any hillclimb action.


This one's radiator was in the back!


One of the best driver's cars at one point in time.


Bangalore City.


Another seriously modded Esteem that showed a lot of promise at practice.


Bobby Jayaram and his star machine.




Would have been interesting to see how quick a Punto would go up.


Another ageless City.


Cough cough.


Eyy, why was it cancelled?

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Story first published: Saturday, January 24, 2015, 14:51 [IST]
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