Youngster Asks For Test Drive And Steals A Scorpio In Bangalore

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A youth, who wanted to test drive a Mahindra Scorpio makes away with the vehicle as the owner of the vehicle looked on helplessly. The incident took place in Whitefield, Bangalore.

It all started when Abhishek Kumar, an IT professional who resides in Bangalore wanted to sell his black Mahindra Scorpio. He had posted the information on various platforms, including online portals. Later, Abhishek got a call from a person named Shankar, saying that he was interested in buying the Scorpio.

mahindra scorpio

Shankar visited Abhishek thrice over the last week saying he was interested and he also claimed that he wanted to buy the vehicle last Saturday. Abhishek found the person to be very young, since Shankar looked like he was in his early 20s. Abhishek asked Shankar to bring some family member who was elderly.

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Later, Shankar wanted one more test drive of the vehicle and Abhishek agreed. That was the last, Shankar sped away with the vehicle as Abhishek looked on.

Abhishek had also shot a video of the young man during his first test drive. The IT professional was not really convinced when Shankar met him first and shot a video of Shankar sitting in the driver's seat during the first test drive.

Abhishek has filed a police complaint and the police are on the lookout for the black Mahindra Scorpio that bears the registration number KA 53 Z 8098. Police have alerted other stations as well and have also requested night patrol to keep an eye out. The vehicle owner details are as below.

youngster steals scorpio
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