Brand New Jawa Motorcycle Shows Rust On Wheel Rim And Exhaust: Customer Takes To Social Media

Jawa Motorcycles are in the news again, and this time for customers complaining about poor build quality. The issue is being faced by multiple owners who have received delivery of their motorcycles over the last two weeks. The company seems to be in the news for right and wrong reasons.

They are back in the news for poor build quality of the bikes. Customers who had received delivery of their motorcycles just a few days ago are now facing serious rust issues.

One such customer is Shailesh Suvarna who got his motorcycle around 20 days ago and has ridden 900kms on it. He has used social media to highlight the issue and has posted some shocking photos of parts rusting all around the bike.

We can tell from the images that there is rust across several parts of the motorcycle. This includes the handle nut, the exhaust pipe, the rims, the disc rotors, and several areas around the chassis. We also see an image where the speedometer was filled with water.

However, there are no second thoughts now since the bike is bought and ridden. The next course of action would be to reach out to the dealer and get the rust fixed.

The owner has contacted the company dealership who has agreed to fix the motorcycle. The dealer will repaint the rusty parts of the bike and replace the parts which have got heavily rusted. We suggest that other affected Jawa owners to do the same.


Jawa has started delivering bikes to their customers after much delay. A couple of weeks ago, Jawa Motorcycles incorporated an online delivery estimator on their website for customers to know the expected delivery date. This estimator however, works only for bookings done before 25 December 2018.

The estimator also works only for customers who had booked online and not for those who booked their motorcycles directly at showrooms. However, the companys' CEO has promised to deliver the bikes faster by increasing the production at the companys' plant in Pithampur and Madhya Pradesh.

Thoughts About The Rust On New Jawa Motorcycles

We know that Classic Legends launched Jawa motorcycles to compete with the 350 series from Royal Enfield's stable. What we did not know is that competition would be literal. All Royal Enfield owners have had big issues with rust, poor build and paint quality, and really bad engine noise. We expected Jawa to change that. Apparently not. Any way, rust checked; just a matter of time before the build and paint quality, and other parameters on the ‘unwanted' checklist are ticked off - we reckon.

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