The Mahindra ‘Oh’ Factor — Why Do All Mahindra Models End With An ‘O’?

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Not many would have realised that every Mahindra product ends with an 'O' - Bolero, Scorpio, Xylo, Quanto, Verito, and even the XUV500 and TUV300, pronounced five double 'oh' and three double 'oh'. Take even the motorcycles that Mahindra manufactures - Panter(o), Moj(o), Gust(o), Dur(o), Rode(o), and so on.

Has anybody wondered why?

The Scorpio and the Bolero were two of Mahindra's greatest success stories. Since both the vehicles end with an 'O', Mahindra just thought it was lucky, so decided to name all the vehicles based on that. You can call it superstitious in a way, but thinking practically, it also makes the vehicles sound uniform, maintaining a pattern.

Even the commercial vehicles made by Mahindra follow the invisible rule of ending with an 'O' - Maxximo, Jeeto, Supro, and Truxo. Another interesting thing to note is that the letter 'O' is the fourth most common letter used in the English language.

Other companies too have a similar strategy, like Honda motorcycles for example. The Japanese brand has motorcycles that end with 'er' — Twister, Stunner, Trigger, and Dazzler.

Any other interesting superstitions and their origins we should know of?

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