Porsche Cayenne Busted For Travelling At 210km/h

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Speed limits are enforced strictly around the world keeping in mind that cars can go fast these days and the roads are good. The East Coast Expressway in Malaysia is one stretch of road where authorities are keeping an eye out for overspeeding vehicles.

The police have stopped a lot of vehicles travelling above the 110km/h speed limit and one among the speedsters was a Porsche Cayenne SUV, that was fined for travelling at 210km/h, which is almost double the allowed speed limit.

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The Malaysian police and authorities have taken a step to control drivers from over speeding, keeping safety a key concern. The East Coast Expressway has witnessed 1,991 accidents and 85 fatalities since 2011.

A recent research conducted by authorities showed that only 30 percent of the Expressway users follow the 110km/h speed limit and 50 percent of motorists travel at speeds higher than 140km/h. Police and the Highway Authority of Malaysia will install more speed cameras to catch traffic offenders.

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