This Royal Enfield Bullet Gets A Reverse Gear

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Royal Enfield bikes are known for two things - classy looks and signature thumping sound. But almost all the bikes from RE are heavy because of the amount of metal used and high capacity engine.

Many people don't opt for Royal Enfield bikes because of its weight which makes it difficult to manoeuvre, especially in urban conditions. Parking the bike can also be a hefty task. But here is a solution for this.

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This Royal Enfield Bullet Gets A Reverse Gear

Yes, a Royal Enfield owner in India has managed to fit a reverse gear on his 350cc Bullet. Jagdish Rawal has equipped his Bullet with a reverse gear, and MotoMahal has uploaded a video on their channel, in which we can see the demonstration of the same.

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This Royal Enfield Bullet Gets A Reverse Gear

This 350cc Bullet has been fitted with a gearbox with a reverse gear sourced from a sidecar manufacturing company. The bike has a neutral finder. So, to shift to reverse gear, the rider needs to bring the gearbox to neutral and put it in the reverse gear.

Reverse gear on a bike is not practical as it does not need one. Only heavy touring bikes such as Honda Goldwing and BMW K1200LT comes equipped with a reverse gear. The reverse gear was also used in bikes with sidecars as it was difficult to manoeuvre.

This Royal Enfield Bullet Gets A Reverse Gear

In India, there are a lot of high-end heavy bikes which are very difficult to park in tight spots. In India, parking can be a problem at times, and a reverse gear might surely make things easier. Big adventure motorcycles are also bulky, and a reverse gear will come in handy during off-roading.

This Royal Enfield Bullet Gets A Reverse Gear

But fitting a reverse gear on modern bikes is a cumbersome task as they are equipped with unit construction engines. This Bullet 350 has an older engine with separate cases for engine, clutch and gearbox, so it has been integrated without much fuss.

This Royal Enfield Bullet Gets A Reverse Gear

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Royal Enfield bikes are usually heavy and difficult to park. Now, this innovative idea of fitting a reverse gear will come in handy as parking is becoming a problem in the country. Usually, bikes don't need a reverse gear, but bikes with high kerb weight need one as it is difficult to manoeuvre them. But this Royal Enfield Bullet has become India's first bike to get a reverse gear.

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Story first published: Monday, January 1, 2018, 12:55 [IST]
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