KTM Reveals World's First Fuel Injected Two-Stroke Motorcycles

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Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has officially revealed two-stroke motorcycles with fuel injection technology called Transfer Port Injection.

Available in 250 and 300cc capacities, the new single-cylinder engine guarantees the best of both the worlds while adhering to the strictest emission norms. Called the KTM 300 EXC TPI and the KTM 250 EXC TPI, the enduro machines are the world's first fuel injected two-stroke motorcycles.

The bikes utilises Transfer Port Injection, which primarily uses two injectors to supply fuel into the transfer ports of the cylinder, mixing it with the flow of air and oil supplied through a throttle body.

The innovative system is said to make the motor smoother to ride, with better fuel efficiency as well as eliminating the requirement to pre-mix fuel or switching the carburettor jets for different conditions.

The entire system is controlled by a particular new engine management system which determines the exact quantity of fuel to be sprayed into the ports at any given time, while the second injector in the throttle body mixes small amounts of oil with the incoming airflow to ensure lubrication of the engine's moving parts.

Apart from the radical new two-stroke engines, the motorcycles come with hi-end equipment as well. Features of the KTM two-stroke motorcycles include fully adjustable WP suspension, Brembo brakes and a lightweight steel alloy double cradle chassis.

The bikes meet the stringent Euro 4 emission norms. Pricing has not been revealed by KTM and is expected to be available by June this year.

What is more important is that it stresses the fact that two-stroke engines can be environmentally friendly. It will be interesting to see if KTM will offer a road-going version of the two-stroke powered motorcycles.

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