Motorcycles Of The Future Are Going To Be 3D-Printed — Here's Your Proof

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It's pretty evident that 3D-printing is going to be the future when it comes to building stuff. People are already applying this technology to create human tissues to cars, but Divergent 3D has just shown the world that they can 3D-print motorcycle parts too.

When it comes to 3D-printing, the guys at Divergent 3D are pioneers in the game. The company who is best known for creating the first ever 3D-printed supercar has unveiled its first 3D-printed motorcycle at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Divergent 3D's first motorcycle, The Dagger, might look similar to a custom built cafe racer, but all the non-mechanical elements on the vehicle are 3D-printed; including the trellis frame.

The company manufactures the motorcycle through a process where a carbon fiber structure is printed. This structure is 50 percent lighter than traditional motorcycle chassis while being stronger than regular materials.

Other parts such as the rims, brake discs, callipers, and suspension are constructed using conventional materials under standard manufacturing processes.

For a matter of fact, the 3D-printed motorcycle borrows its metal components and its inline four-cylinder engine from the Kawasaki Ninja H2.

However, Divergent 3D is not the first to use 3D-printed parts on their motorcycle. The Energica Ego and APWORKS Light Rider are just a few of the bunch who has already tried their luck in 3D printing the components.

3D-printing technology is in its early stage at the moment; once this tech becomes mainstream and affordable, Divergent 3D hopes to become a major component supplier for the automobile manufacturers.

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