9 Old Vehicles That Still Have A Good Resale Value In India

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Vehicles these days are like electronic gadgets. Once used, even for a day, their resale values drop big time. Some vehicles old on the other hand, still manage to sell for a pretty good amount, sometimes much more than what they were actually retailed for.

So let's take a look at 9 used vehicles that still have a good resale value in India.

1. The Willys Jeep

It's old and newer ones can out do everything the Willys does with comfort. Rite? Wrong! The Willys may not be the most comfortable vehicle or the most powerful vehicle, but take it off-road and it will put most of the modern SUVs to shame with its capability. A decent vehicle will cost you nothing less than Rs. 3 lakh in India, while a pristine vehicle will cost you much more.

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2. Contessa

The Contessa by Hindustan Motors was the benchmark of luxury when it was on sale in India. Although it never had the most powerful engine, the Contessa used to feel like a cruise ship on highways, and also offered so much interior room, that it was the prefered choice of vehicle when it came to comfort. In the modern world, the Contessa with a few modifications, looks like an all American muscle car, which brought back the demand.

Picture credit: D'Costa's Contessas/Wiki Commons

3. Fiat

The competitor for the Hindustan Ambassador, the Fiat Premier Padmini, or simply known as the Fiat offered the same features or convenience as the Ambassador, but in a compact and better looking package. In the modern world, many car collectors have pristine cars with them, some of them even fitted with alloy wheels and sorts of aftermarket accessories that give the car a retro classic look.

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4. Gypsy

There are better off-roader available, but for a hardcore enthusiast, the Gypsy will still be the top choice since the vehicle was designed to be an off-roader than travel on-road. There is a reason why the Indian forces still use the Gypsy, and that is solely because of its capability. Also, the Gypsy can be designed to look good and the soft top offers more design capabilities. A decent model currently sells for Rs. 2.5 lakh plus.

5. Skoda Octavia RS

The Skoda Octavia RS could be a very modern car compared to the rest on the list, but compared to the new Skodas, it is quite old. The Octavia RS has one major selling point and that is the turbocharged petrol engine. Unlike the modern cars that use turbochargers to keep up with emission norms and maintain fuel efficiency, the Octavia RS was performance oriented. Cars that have clocked more than 1 lakh kilometers can still fetch over Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Picture credit: Thomas doerfer/Wiki Commons

6. Yamaha RD 350

Well if you thought cars were the only vehicles that fetch a lot, motorcycles do the same. One good example is the Yamaha RD 350, which is getting rarer by the day. The two-stroke twin-cylinder motorcycle can fetch much more than a lakh in terms of Indian money, keeping in mind that a brand new motorcycle cost well under Rs. 20,000 brand new.

7. Yamaha RX Series

The RX series were sold in abundance and they were the performance oriented machines during their time. Even in the modern age, many college going kids will want a RX as their first motorcycle. The Rx series offered great performance, and parts were cheap and easy to find. Also, the engine was very versatile that so much more performance could be extracted from it, that they were a common sight in any form of races, be it on tarmac or dirt.

Picture credit: Capt. Das

8. Royal Enfield Standard 350/500

Royal Enfield are hot selling models in the modern world, and have always been for a very long time. When the company announced that it was phasing out the old standard cast iron engines, many were disappointed and the price of the motorcycles literally went up overnight. A good standard 350 with the cast iron engine sells for approximately Rs. 1 lakh plus and the 500, even more.

9. Yezdi

Many would hate the motorcycle for the way it rides, but the actual truth is that there is a massive fan following for the Yezdi. The motorcycle featured a very simple fuelling system, no reeds, a kickstarter that plays the role of a gear shifter, and also as a clutch, which very few knew. There is also a traditional clutch lever. There was a time when many Yezdis were just junked, but today, trying to get a bike that can barely run will set you back by Rs. 30,000, and a good one will cost close to a lakh.

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