Volvo And Volkswagen Ready To Provide Flex-Fuel Vehicles: Nitin Gadkari

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To promote the use of alternative fuels such as ethanol and methanol, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has stated that Volvo and Volkswagen have come forward to supply such vehicles.

Gadkari said, "We had a talk with Volvo... they are ready to supply 50 buses on methanol in Pune and Mumbai."

Gadkari said that the vehicles would be run on a pilot basis. He also said that there were talks with Ola to run ethanol taxis. Gadkari added, "Volkswagen is ready to supply flex engine for 100 vehicles if ethanol supply is ensured."

Gadkari stated that the alternative fuel has huge potential and can cut the import bills on crude oil by Rs 7 crore. He also said that ethanol and methanol could be produced in large numbers in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The Minister further said that in Stockholm, 400 buses were running on ethanol which can be manufactured in India. Gujarat State Fertiliser Corporation could produce methanol from coal gasification.

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The Indian government is encouraging the use of alternative fuels in transportation. Several automakers are already testing the electric vehicles. The flex-fuel vehicles can bring down the emission and fuel consumption in the country.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 12:41 [IST]
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