Toyota Unveils A Massive Hydrogen-Powered Truck

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Japanese automaker Toyota has unveiled a massive hydrogen-powered truck. The vehicle will transport cargo within the Port of Los Angeles. The 18-wheeler truck is a part of the study to assess the technology in heavy duty vehicles.

Toyota will also introduce 100 hydrogen-powered buses at the Tokyo Olympic Games to transport athletes and spectators. The Japanese firm has been developing the fuel-cell technology for over two decades.

The hydrogen-powered truck draws power from two Mirai fuel-cells and a 12kWh battery to meet the high-performance demands. Toyota claims that the truck generates over 670bhp and 1796Nm of torque.

But the major issue with the fuel-cell vehicles is the lack of infrastructure. As per US Department of Energy, there are only 34 hydrogen refuelling stations in the United States. And 18 of them are in California.

Hydrogen vehicles have longer range compared to the electric vehicles. The hydrogen-powered vehicles can be filled up quickly, whereas charging an electric car takes longer time.

Currently, Toyota, Honda and General Motors are working with state regulators to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road in the Northeast. Honda leases its hydrogen-powered Clarity sedan in California.

Following the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Toyota is speculating to manufacture fuel-cell buses for the Japanese market. Several big names in the automobile industry are striving to introduce the new technology to the mass market.

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