Chennai: Drunk Student Rams Porsche Into 12 Autorickshaws, Kills 1

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A drunk student rammed his Porsche Cayman into 12 parked autorickshaws in Chennai on Monday morning, injuring 11 and killing 1.

Police said that Vikas, son of Supreme Court lawyer Vijay Anand and his friend, a former Indian cricketer's brother, were on their way to home after attending a party thrown by Tuti Patriot team, who won the Tamil Nadu Premier League on Sunday night.

According to reports, Vikas, who was driving under the influence, lost control of the car, which hit the median and ploughed through the group autorickshaws parked.

One driver, 29-year-old G Arumugam was killed on the spot while some of the other auto drivers are also heavily injured.

"I heard a tyre screeching noise.that's all. My chest hurt and I just went blank. I realized what had happened only after the police came. They only helped the car driver and took him away," said Sundar, one of the drivers who was also injured.

"An ambulance came for us only after twenty minutes," he added.

Despite the high-speed crash, Vikas and the co-driver escaped unscathed as the airbags deployed as soon as the car hit the median. The Adyar traffic police have registered a case against the driver, said the report.

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