Royal Enfield Outsells Harley-Davidson Globally

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Royal Enfield, the Chennai based company has managed to outsell Harley-Davidson globally. Royal Enfield sold over 3 lakh motorcycles in 2014, while the so claimed legendary Harley-Davidson has managed to sell just 2.67 lakh bikes in 2014.

Although both the companies don't compete with each other in terms of global sales, for a Royal Enfield lover, this is music to the ears.

The main advantage Royal Enfield has over Harley-Davidson is the pricing. Harley's cheapest offer, the Street 750 is almost 3 lakhs more expensive than Royal Enfield's most expensive model, the Continental GT.

The company has seen a growth of 43 percent in January. Royal Enfield exports has seen a growth of 82 percent as well in January.

Royal Enfield, although not making as much profit as Harley-Davidson, it is looking to build a strong network in Western Europe and the US.

While Royal Enfield's growth grew 70 percent globally, Harley's grew hardly 3 percent.

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