Policeman Drives Rashly, Killing Innocent Biker In West Bengal

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Any news regarding an accident related to any two-wheeler is usually discarded by many claiming the motorcycle was ridden fast or the rider was not wearing a helmet. This time however, it is different.

Vijay Kumar Singh was riding his Enfield Thunderbird back home when a police bus was speeding towards him on the wrong direction on the MAA flyover. Vijay had no time to react and the police bus collided head on, leaving Vijay seriously hurt and unconscious.

Eyewitnesses confirm that the police bus was not only on the wrong side of the flyover, but was also driven in a rash manner. The police bus was so fast that it not only damaged the motorcycle badly, but even left the police bus disfigured.

Vijay was rushed to AMRI hospital and was declared dead later. Vijay had lost a lot of blood and sustained head injuries in spite of wearing a helmet. The local police station has filed an FIR and arrested the driver and charged him with 'reckless driving with disregard for human life, safety, and property.'


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