Bugatti Chiron Final Specs Leak Out - Power, Top Speed Revealed

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The final production specifications of the upcoming Bugatti Chiron have been allegedly leaked to a Czech magazine by a customer who has already put down an order for the hypercar.

Czech magazine Magazín ProDriver CZ claims that they've got the specifications from a customer who stated that he got to see it at the presentation given to the customers.

So here are the specs to the sucessor to the powerhouse that was the Bugatti Veyron.

Name: Bugatti Chiron EB16.4

Power: 1500hp

Torque: 1500Nm

0 – 100km/h: 2.2 seconds

Top Speed: 467km/h

Price: 2 Million Euros 

According to the the magazine, the customer has said that the Chiron features a speedo which runs all the way to 500km/h. The customer also claimed the Chiron looked more agressive than the Veyron but was also more comfortable and spacious inside.

The customer alos stated that the Chiron was going to have a production run of just 5 years, with Bugatti pushing out just 100 Chirons from its Molsheim headquarters in France.  

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