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With India witnessing every manufacturer launching their cars in automatic variants, let us find out what are the types and differences of an automatic gearbox.

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Types & Meaning Of Automatic Transmission

Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT)

The AMT, also known as SAT (Semi-Automatic Transmission) or CMT (Clutchless Manual Transmission), is an automatic gearbox which does not change gears automatically but helps or facilitates manual gear changes without the need to depress the clutch pedal manually.

All the work of changing gears is done by electronic sensors, processors and actuators to engage the gears based on the input from the driver or by a computer.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The CVT which is also known as Single-Speed Transmission or Stepless Transmission or in the case of motorcycles and scooters, a Twist-And-Go, is an automatic gearbox which can change seamlessly through the continuous range of correct gear ratios and there is no clutch to change gears except in motorcycles and scooters.

The CVT is belt driven design to help change gears and can be adjusted in ratio to either help the economy or power of the vehicle.

Automatic Transmission (AT)

The AT is also called Auto or Self-Shifting Transmission or AGS (Auto Gear Shift) is a type of gearbox which automatically change gear ratios, it allows an internal combustion engine to provide speed and torque outputs necessary for the vehicle movement.

The AT shifts gears by hydraulically locking and unlocking the system of gears and does not depend on a clutch to change gears in the vehicle.

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Comparison & Disadvantages

The AMT is relatively a simple gearbox system where the manual clutch operation is performed by sensors and electronic system. The Automatic or the CVT do not have a clutch, but will directly work with the hydraulic system which the engine then transforms the power to the drivetrain through the transmission box.

There are hardly any disadvantages to the AT or the AMT, except for cost and the economy of the cars. In the recent times, manufacturers have progressed and have better performing AT or AMT and can match up to the economy of a Manual Transmission enabled cars.

The AT or AMT have in fact better drive compared the Manual Transmission, it has a smooth transition from one gear to another. These are used in Formula One cars for better performance and are more robust in nature.

India is at the cusp of the automatic car revolution as this brings a lot of support in the chaotic traffic situation and it helps ease the driving experience.

Automatic Cars In India

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Nissan Micra
Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
Skoda Rapid
Hyundai Creta
Mahindra Scorpio
Toyota Corolla Altis

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