Technology & Social Media Perceived As Bigger Threats Than Drink-Driving

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According to the Institute of Advanced Motorist's (IAM) first major survey into safety culture, dangers of distraction posed by technology and social media are far more worrying than drink-driving. Probably. But Why?

Well, a tremendous amount of research has been done regarding drink-driving, and the research has proven even one drink impairs driving ability and increases the risk of a crash. However, the trend is fast changing, and the culprit now is text messaging and social media.

The Safety Culture Index report studied more than 2,000 UK motorists' attitudes to driving safety and behaviour on the roads. The results are shocking; the report points out while technology will form a fundamental part of improving road safety, it also plays a vital role in driver distraction. Compared to three years ago, 77% of people say technology and social media is now a bigger problem and just 23% of people feel drink-driving is a bigger threat than three years ago.

The majority of drivers are busy texting away and have developed a serious love affair with their gadgets. On the flip side, motorists' feel driving and riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs are still threats to their personal safety and cannot be ignored. The question being, can the authorities in your locality enforce a stronger legislation to stop these culprits?

As for us motorists', we do value safety and want to feel even safer on the road in future. Goodbye, WhatsApp!

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