India’s First Electric Scooter Battery Swapping & Charging Station Launched By Hop Electric Mobility

HOP Electric Mobility launches India's first battery swapping and charging station called 'HOP Energy Network'. The brand has already started its pilot network with 5 Swapping stations and 50 Batteries in Jaipur earlier this year.

In six months the pilot station in Jaipur has already swapped over 2000 batteries adding 1,40,000+ clean kilometres.

Regarding the expansion of HOP Energy Network stations, the company aims to install at the existing petrol pumps, malls, parking lots and general stores. This will avoid any additional infrastructure for the setup and makes for easier adoption and expansion.

The Jaipur, company aims to expand the swapping and charging network for electric two-wheelers to tier-I cities like Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Noida.

Two Wheeler Charging Solutions & Subscription

At HOP Energy Network charging stations, customers can replace their discharged battery with a fully charged battery in less than 30 seconds. These swapping/charging stations are fully automated and has a capacity of 150 fully charged batteries every day.

The stations are equipped with NFC and a 15-inch HMI touch screen and are designed for easy self-use and round the clock operations.

Customers can opt for a HOP Energy network subscription, that provides benefits such as no hassle of owning batteries, which will reduce the up-front of the HOP electric scooter by 40 per cent. They also get access to the latest battery technologies and a lifetime warranty on their batteries.

Monthly Plan:
Subscribers get unlimited battery swaps at any station for Rs 2,500 per month.

Per Kilometer Plan:
This is called as 'Pay As You Go' service. Consumers use the service at Rs 1/km only for the kilometres they ride.

Additionally, the battery swap and charging stations will ensure to keep batteries cool while charging, which results in long durability and optimal performance.

Ketan Mehta, CEO and founder of HOP Electric Mobility, said, "Today, we are living in a hyper-aware society which is concerned about climate changes and global warming. Electric scooters have already proven that they are sustainable, renewable and economical. With HOP energy network customers will be able to save both time and money."

He further added, "Our charging stations are equipped with cutting-edge technology where users will be able to replace their batteries within 30 seconds with hassle-free replacement. Only a handful of companies are enabling users in such a drastic manner and we are one of them."

Thoughts About India's First Electric Scooter Battery Swapping & Charging Station

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing at a rapid pace. As a result, brands selling electric vehicles are also introducing various solutions for charging. This eliminates the range anxiety and provides hassle-free ownership, which is currently a rear scenario for EVs in India. However, HOP Electric Mobility aims to change improve charging solutions with the launch of the HOP Energy Network battery swap and charging station.

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Article Published On: Friday, July 9, 2021, 19:19 [IST]
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