Coppernicus Qubit X1 & X2 Foldable Electric Cycles Launched In India: Prices Starting At Rs 53,890

Bangalore-based electric manufacturer, Coppernicus has launched two foldable electric cycles in India called the Qubit X1 and the Qubit X2. Prices for the Qubit X1 & X2 foldable electric cycles start at Rs 53,890.

The top-spec Qubit X2 foldable electric cycles retail at a starting price of Rs X2 at Rs 69,990. While there are significant differences between both electric cycles launched by the brand, they are powered by the same battery pack.

The Qubit X1 and X2 foldable electric cycles are offered with two battery packs to choose from. This includes a 5.8 Ah or a 6.56 Ah lithium-ion battery pack. Either battery pack is paired to the same 250W geared hub-mounted electric motor on both cycles.

The Qubit X1 and X2 featuring a 5.8 Ah battery pack feature a maximum riding range of 30kms and 35kms, respectively on a single battery charge. On the other hand, upgrading to a 6.56 Ah battery pack will enable the cycles to travel a maximum distance of 35kms and 40kms, respectively on a single battery charge.

The maximum speed both the foldable electric cycles can travel is rated at 25kmph. Also, the company has brilliantly integrated the battery to the seat stalk, which can be removed while dismantling the electric cycle.

Speaking of dismantling, let's discuss the foldable aspect and carrying ability of the cycle. The cycle uses an aluminium frame that can be folded completely. The entire cycle breaks down into three parts and can be fitted into a carrying case, which is provided by the company.

The dimensions when the Qubit X1 cycle is folded reads 400mm in width, 740mm in length and 640mm inches in height. The payload capacity of the cycle is rated at 100Kgs. The Qubit X1 tips the scale at 15.5Kgs.

On the other hand, the Qubit X2 folded dimensions read 400mm in width, 830mm in length and 670mm in height. The payload capacity of the X2 remains the same at 100Kgs. However, it is slightly heavier at 18.5Kgs.

The Coppernicus Qubit X1 features the electric motor in the front wheel hub and smaller 16-inch alloy wheels. In comparison, the Qubit X2 features a rear-wheel hub-mounted electric motor and larger 20-inch wheels. The X2 also features a seven-speed Shimano gearbox.

Both cycles feature a small digital display that provides a couple of information to the rider. This includes speed, battery charge, gear position and time; among others. The company is also offering these cycles free toolkit, charger, flash lamp, carry case, kickstand, and front light.

Additionally, customers can choose to add a range extender, rear rack and front basket for additional storage. Both cycles are offered in three colour schemes: Black, White and Red. Both cycles come with a 1-year standard warranty as well.

Thoughts About The Coppernicus Qubit X1 & X2 Foldable Electric Cycles Launched In India

The Coppernicus Qubit X1 & X2 are among the most compact and stylish looking electric cycles on offer in the segment. The practicality of these cycles is enhanced as they can be folded and carried around. Using additional accessories, these cycles can be used for last-mile delivery service as well.

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Article Published On: Thursday, June 3, 2021, 18:40 [IST]
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