Kawasaki Terminates SNK Palm Beach Dealership Due To Number Of Complaints

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India Kawasaki Motors has a limited number of dealerships across the country. Now, Japanese-based two-wheeler manufacturer has terminated its contract with SNK Palm Beach dealership. This dealership was the only sale-and-service outlet in Navi Mumbai area.

Reason for termination of the dealership is essentially quite simple. Kawasaki in its official statement explained that SNK Palm Beach dealership failed to serve its customers and deliver motorcycles.

SNK Palm Beach has also committed material breaches, in terms and conditions of their partnership with Kawasaki. Customers are requested to not deal with SNK Palm Beach outlet for Kawasaki products. Any customers dealing with the dealership may do so at their own risk.

Previously, several customers had taken to social media regarding a similar issue. Customers were kept waiting for extended periods, even after paying close to the full amount for their superbikes. Finally, India Kawasaki Motors has taken action against this dealership.

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An all-new Kawasaki sales and service outlet for Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will be selected soon. India Kawasaki Motors has also announced their not responsible for any liability encountered by SNK Palm Beach dealership.

At this moment, it is unclear if India Kawasaki Motors will step in to help customers. Several buyers have paid for their motorcycles. The worrying factor is will they be refunded or receive their motorcycles directly from the factory? Stay tuned as we keep a track of SNK Palm Beach dealership and India Kawasaki Motors actions.

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