Honda Claim Hero MotoCorp Is Misleading With Fuel Efficiency

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Honda, the Japanese two-wheeler maker has questioned Hero MotoCorp's claim of the Splendor iSmart motorcycle's fuel efficiency of 102.5 kpl.

Honda has claimed that such information is misleading and is far from reality.

Keiji Kasa, the President & CEO for Honda R&D India said, "We only want to say one thing; such claims are misleading and are far from reality. Since the base engine in question has been developed by Honda, we do understand its realistic assessment on performance and capabilities."

Hero MotoCorp, as a reply said that fuel efficiency figures of the Splendor iSmart were certified by iCAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology), a government approved agency.

Honda say that the claimed mileage cannot be maintained on sustained basis even within a completely controlled environment.

Hero MotoCorp say that even though the base engine has been developed by Honda, Hero is able to extract so much mileage by reducing the kerb weight of the motorcycle, upgrading and optimising engines, using the lean burn technology, and introducing the ‘Idle Start Stop' System.

Honda on the other hand feel that although the start stop system was introduced by Honda over 15 years before, Honda is fully aware of how much efficiency can be extracted by this method.

Hero MotoCorp as a reply say that in real life, commuters may not get the mentioned mileage from the iSmart due to riding habits and fuel quality, but will get more efficiency compared to its competitors.

So now, when brought to reality, how much efficiency will the customer get? And most importantly, if real life efficiency is lower than what Hero claim, why were such figures mentioned? Did Hero MotoCorp expect people to not ride it in real life conditions?

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