Tesla Model X Autopilot Knows 'How To Save A Life'

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Tesla's 'Autopilot' system has been in the news for the past few months for all the wrong reasons. The autonomous driving system was blamed for multiple crashes one of which resulted in a fatality.

However, 'Autopilot' is not Skynet come to life and instead is a system that is designed to help its human owners, not harm them. This is something that a lawyer named Joshua Neally will testify if ever asked to do so.

Neally had left work early in the latter half of July, to ensure that he got home early for his daughter's fourth birthday party. As soon as he hit the highway, he activated his Tesla Model X's autopilot as he usually does and settled in for the 45-minute ride home.

However, as the Model X piloted its way home, Neally started experiencing a rather acute pain in his abdomen, which he thought might have been a pulled muscle. However, when the pain lanced upwards and became too much to handle, Neally informed his wife that he was heading to the nearest hospital.

32 kilometres of highways were what lay between him and the doctors, and Neally once again turned to his trustworthy computerised companion, the autopilot system, to help guide him to salvation. Elon Musk's automaton responded and drove him there.

The only thing that Neally had to do was drive the SUV down from the exit ramp on the highway into the hospital's car park.

Neally was diagnosed by the doctors as having survived a pulmonary embolism, a potentially fatal obstruction of a blood vessel in his lungs. They told him he was lucky to have survived.

Neally must consider himself quite lucky that he was behind the wheel of a Tesla. 

Source - slate.com

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