Lamborghini Gallardo Goes For A Swim After Drag Race

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Lamborghini is a popular name among supercar owners, the Italian manufacturer has launched several exquisite vehicles, which have been very popular. They recently launched their new supercar ‘Huracan', which replaces the ‘Gallardo'.

Today we have the popular and most manufactured supercar, the Gallardo at a drag strip. In the video, it is visible that the owners have stripped certain parts of the vehicle to make it lighter. It is supercar that needs to be taken care of and one wrong move can send you off in the wrong direction.

In our video of the day this Lamborghini Gallardo goes racing on a drag strip into a pond for a quick cool off. The driver gets off the line quickly and is almost done with the race, however, at the very last moment the driver loses control and puts his supercar into a pond.

Video Of The Day: Lamborghini Goes For A Swim After Drag Race!

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