BMW M5 Ring Taxi Suffers The Wrath Of The Green Hell

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German carmaker BMW has been running one of its M divison cars at the Nurburing as taxi service since 1986 for fans of the Green Hell who want a ride around the infamous German racetrack.  

BMW M5 Ring Taxi Nurburgring Taxi

The current iteration of the BMW Ring Taxi is the current-generation M5 which has been seen numerous times on the Ring sliding past numerous supercars with four people on board.

BMW M5 Ring Taxi Nurburgring Taxi

The BMW Ring Taxi is driven by racers who belt the vehicle across the 20.8 kilometre track in the western part of Germany. The most famous Ring Taxi driver is current Top Gear host Sabine Schmitz (seein in the image above), who now drives people around the ring in her personal Porsche GT3 RS.

However, despite the fact that it has a racing driver behind the wheel, the Ring Taxi has crashed a few times before.

The latest accident though seems to be the one of the worst as the driver overcooked on the exit of the Brunchen corner and slammed into the wall.

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