Suzuki Celerio Brake Failure, Recalled In 4 Countries

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The Suzuki Celerio has been recalled in four countries, after it suffered a brake failure when being tested by two motoring magazines in the UK, What Car? and Autocar.

The Suzuki Celerio has been recalled in UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The company has suspended sales and has asked owners not to drive the car.

The problem occurred when deceleration tests were being carried out at 80 mph. The brake pedal got stuck in the depressed position and all braking was lost. The car was safely brought to a halt using the hand brake and gears.

Suzuki will give the customers a temporary vehicle to use for the time being.

The affected Celerios were made in Suzuki's plant in Thailand. These cars are being made in India as well, but these are not affected.

The Celerio had made its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show last March and has made quite an impact already.

All we can say is oh oh Celerio!

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