Harley-Davidson 3rd Eastern H.O.G. Rally Rides Into Khajuraho

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American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson organised their 3rd Eastern H.O.G. rally in Khajuraho. Over 300 Harley owners have gathered together at the picturesque venue. This was part of their zonal rally that they organise for their riding community.

The rally was held between 5th to 7th of December, 2014. Riders from roughly 13 H.O.G. chapters rode to Khajuraho from Bangalore and Kochi. They have witnessed participation by over 300 Harley owners at this iconic venue.

Dharmendra Jain, Director Tiger Chapter, Indore commented, "H.O.G. Rallies are always an amazing experience. It was great to see Harley owners ride long distances to join the brotherhood in Khajuraho."

He further added, "The passion and enthusiasm shown by our brothers motivated us to organize this Rally and inspire new and experienced riders alike. We are thrilled to have hosted this year's Eastern H.O.G. Rally, and hope that all the riders had a great experience, and a memorable time."

Harley-Davidson had planned a special signature Custom Contest, that showcased the creativity of individuals through their motorbikes. The American believes in expressing oneself openly and what better way than customising one's own motorcycle.

The next venue on their list is Goa and 3rd India H.O.G. Rally will be held in February, 2015. Currently there are over 6,000 Harley owner across India. So, far 2,000 motorcycle riders have participated in Zonal Rallies in 2014 alone and the number keeps increasing every year.

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