CS Santosh Dakar Rally 2015 : Stage 1, 2 & 3 Update

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CS Santosh, as we all know is the first Indian to participate at the world's most challenging motorsport event ever, the Dakar Rally. Sponsored by PB Racing and riding a 450 Rally Replica KTM, CS Santosh has successfully finished three stages.

The 31 year old finished stage 1 in the 85th place. Day two, the only Indian rider at the prestigious Dakar Rally finished in the 49th place.

At the end of stage three, CS Santosh stands at the 53rd spot overall, finishing stage 3 in the 68th spot. After Stage 1, CS Santosh was at the 80th place among 139 participants. CS Santosh managed to take the 49th spot overall after stage 2, but lost a few positions to 53rd spot after stage 3.

Sam Sunderland, who took an amazing lead during day one, lost his way during day two. The British rider lost over 2 hours of precious time, and presently stands at the 50th place overall, after stage 3.

Joan Barreda, the Spaniard riding a Honda currently leads the overall standings, followed by Paolo Goncalves from Portugal and Matthias Walkner from Austria, riding a Honda and a KTM respectively.

Matthias Walkner however won stage 3, followed by the Spaniard Marc Coma, both on KTMs and Joan Barreda on a Honda.

The Dakar Rally has 139 motorcycle riders in the race, after stage 3.

Dakar 2015 has already claimed a life. Michal Hernik, from Poland has died of unknown causes during Stage 3. Investigations are still on about the cause of death. This was the Polish rider's first appearance in the Dakar Rally. Hernik was riding a 450 Rally Replica KTM and held the 84th position overall in the motorcycle category.

The Dakar Rally is to continue till January 17, 2015. Watch this space as we will be updating you with the latest results.

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