Helmets Compulsory With New Two Wheeler Purchase In Tamil Nadu — Another Law Headed To The Gallows?

In a move to improve road-safety, two-wheeler dealers across Tamil Nadu have been ordered to ensure buyers are provided with a BIS-certified helmet with a purchase of a two-wheeler. BIS is the abbreviation of Bureau of Indian Standards.

In a letter addressed to manufactures and dealers across the state, the Transport Commissioner of Tamil Nadu instructed manufacturers and dealers to supply a helmet with every two-wheeler purchased. The Commissioner also stated that the RTOs had to ensure this was happening and a report was to be submitted every month.

The Two-Wheeler Helmet Manufacturers Association has welcomed the decision made by the Transport Commissioner. They say it will be help promote safety and will benefit two-wheeler riders and pillions. In addition, this move will help curb fake ISI certified helmets sold in the markets.

While India has law under Section 129 in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988., stating that protective headgear (helmets) mut be worn when riding a two-wheeler in public, a majority of Indian motorcycle and two-wheel riders actively choose not to.

India has the one of the highest road fatalities numbers in the world. While people are aware of the law, they also are aware of the fact that most of them can get away with petty bribing and or talking their way out of it.

Statistics from 2017 show that a total of 1,57,723 two-wheeler accidents were officially reported. Of these, 44,092 lost their lives in the accidents, and 1,48,907 people were reportedly hurt and injured. It is unclear what degree if injuries these were.

Injuries from road accidents could be as simple as just being shaken-up and could be as complex as paralysis. While the numbers here are officially reported accidents, there are a number of accidents that go unreported as well.

There are many contributing factors to two-wheeler accidents but the top two reasons are - the use of cellular phones while on a two-wheeler and a "me-first" attitude. Mobile phones have greatly increase connectivity, has increased businesses and the time dedicated to work, but the importance they are given in India is overrated.

We have laws banning the use of mobile phones while riding and driving but people are just ignorant. The "me-first" attitude is the next big reason for two-wheeler accidents. Traffic rules in India appear like they are there to be broken. We have all experienced this attitude from almost every one on the roads.

In addition to this stupidity, most Indian two-wheeler riders refuse to wear a helmet.

Thoughts About The Mandatory For Manufacturers Dealers To Supply Helmets In Tamil Nadu

It's an okay move for a start. We think manufacturer and dealers need to increase prices of all two wheelers by Rs 6,000 and provide customers with good helmets. Brands like LS-2 make fantastic helmets and they are capable of signing contracts with auto manufacturers.

Also, creating a law is one part of it, the Transport Ministry at Tamil Nadu will have to enforce the law. Tough job considering the mentality of the Indian consumer. While they have made it mandatory for manufacturers and dealers to provide helmets, how do they ensure people actually use them?

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Article Published On: Monday, April 22, 2019, 13:20 [IST]
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