2020 Trek Madone SL6 Disc Launched In India At Rs 3.59 Lakh: Super-Premium Bicycling Redefined

Trek Bicycle launches the 2020 Madone SL6 Disc in India at a price of Rs 3.59 lakh. The premium racing bicycle is priced at Rs 3,59,799 and brings to the table top-notch features. The 2020 Madone SL6 Disc is one of the most sophisticated bicycles ever to be launched in India and the price tag says just enough about the bicycle.

Trek Bicycle is the global leader in the design and manufacture of premium bicycles, riding gear and merchandise. Trek is a company that has been trying to promote green mobility and fitness through its bicycles from a long time, way before the whole green mobility revolution became a trend.

India is one of the largest markets for bicycles. According to Trek, the Indian market involves the sale of 1.63 crore bicycles per year. However, Trek caters only to the super-premium segment in which there are around 30,000 units being sold per year.

Trek Bicycle claims that only the Madone SL6 Disc offers all three key features of advanced aerodynamics, superior ride quality, and unprecedented integration. One look at the bicycle is enough to tell people that it is a really expensive race bicycle. The design is one of a race bicycle that is built for sheer speed and durability.

The Trek Madone SL6 Disc also offers race bicycle-like performance thanks to its lightweight frame. The 500 series carbon fibre frame is made using Trek's patented OCLV carbon fibre process.

It proves the stiffness and rigidity that is greater then metal frames while being a lot lighter. The Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shape is one of the most aerodynamic designs in the world and wind tunnel tests have proven so. It also features an IsoSpeed decoupler and Blendr stem that allows the easy installation of accessories like lights.

Navneet Banka, Country Manager at Trek Bicycle India said, "India has a huge appetite and riders here recognize the value of a superior ride and a quality product. We have received an overwhelming response since the introduction and launch of the 'performance program' last year."

He went on to say, "Our customer-centric strategy has helped us immensely as we bring the next generation of performance bikes. India is a key market for Trek and we will continue our focus to provide a great buying and ownership experience while promoting the sport of leisure and competitive cycling."

The 2020 Trek Madone SL6 Disc is available at a few select Trek dealerships across the country. Trek Bicycle has 34 dealerships across 32 cities in India, but the 2020 Madone SL6 Disc will only be available at a few of them.

Thoughts On 2020 Trek Madone SL6 Disc Launched In India At Rs 3.59 Lakh

Trek Bicycle has been doing very well in the Indian market and its brand recognition is only increasing by the day. The bicycle company has constantly seen 20 percent growth in sales over the last five years.

Now though, Trek has gone ahead and launched a bicycle that is extremely expensive. The Indian market has certainly matured in terms of bicycles but it remains to be seen if it is mature enough for people to buy a bicycle that costs Rs 3.59 lakh.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 17:15 [IST]
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