Kawasaki Teases New Supercharged Motorcycle; To Be Revealed At EICMA

By Stephen

Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki has released a teaser ahead of the EICMA international motorcycle show scheduled to take place between 7-12th November, 2017.

Kawasaki has in the past made quite a few aggressive-looking and powerful motorcycles. Recently though, the Japanese manufacturer has taken its engineering to the next level.

Kawasaki is currently the only motorcycle manufacturer in the world using supercharged engines in their motorcycles. The Kawasaki H2 and H2R employ a 1.0-litre supercharged engine in different tunes.

The 998cc supercharged engine produces 207bhp and 133Nm in the Kawasaki H2, and 310bhp and 165Nm in the H2R. That is maddening levels of power on a motorcycle.

The teaser put out by Kawasaki shows that more of the supercharged madness is to come. The teaser says, 'Supercharge your journey', which I'm sure most motorcycle enthusiasts would love to do.

Details of the motorcycle which would be revealed are not out, but the teaser definitely reveals that it will be supercharged. It will in all probability feature the same 998cc supercharged engine but at this point, it is not possible to comment on its state of tune.

What Is Supercharging?

Supercharging is a form of forced induction most commonly used in large engines, predominantly in America. Superchargers are an alternative to turbochargers. The mechanism forces compressed air into the engine, making it produce more power and be more efficient at the same time.

This move from Kawasaki is not very surprising, as there are multiple benefits in it. Supercharging produces more power and makes it more efficient and rideable at the same time. Secondly, a supercharged engine already exists in Kawasaki's stable, making it easier to plonk into other Kawasaki motorcycles.

DriveSpark Thinks!

The EICMA international motorcycle show is a great time for motorcycle enthusiasts, as manufacturers bring out some exciting motorcycles at that time. This time, it looks like the presents have come out early, first Ducati's V4-powered motorcycle and now Kawasaki's supercharged motorcycle.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 18:15 [IST]

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