Victory RR Electric Bike For Isle Of Man TT Zero Unveiled

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Victory Motorcycles has unveiled its electric motorcycle, which will be used exclusively for racing. The electric race bike has been christened as the Victory RR. It will be taking part in the iconic Isle of Man TT Zero Race, which is an electric racing event.

Piloting the Victory RR will be William Dunlop, which was planned back in 2015. William Dunlop was supposed to race Victory Motorcycles electric bike last year. Unfortunately, an unexpected injury ruined his opportunity.

Last year the Victory Racing team was spearheaded by Guy Martin and Lee Johnston. Both riders were extremely happy with the performance of their electric bikes from Victory Motorcycles.

The electric motor in Victory RR will produce 170bhp and 239.98Nm of peak torque. Victory Motorcycles claims that the peak efficiency will be at an amazing 97 percent. An all-new battery has also been developed for the racing event with Brammo.

First practice for Isle of Man TT Zero will commence from June 3, 2016. A follow-up practice session is organised for all electric bike participants on June 6, 2016. The final race will be contested on June 8, 2016, and it will be interesting to see how the Victory RR performs.

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