Uber Introduces Customers The Chance For A Wicked Ride

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Uber has gain immense popularity in the Indian market, the taxi-service app is constantly reinventing itself to provide its customers an unique experience. Now they have introduced 'Uber Wicked Ride' in selected cities, which will offer rented premium superbikes.

Recently, Uber Moto service was introduced in the Indian market, that provided two-wheelers as transportation. Unfortunately, the service was met with lots of criticism and eventually was turned down.

Wicked Ride and Uber have partnered for this promotional renting service. The Uber Wicked Ride commenced in Bengaluru from May 14 and will be offered in twelve other locations. Customers can rent motorcycles like Kawasaki's, Harley-Davidson's, Ducati's, and much more.

To avail Uber Wicked Ride, customers can either choose to be a pillion or actually ride the premium superbikes. In the case someone chooses to ride the bikes, they will have to be over 21 years of age and will have to submit their driving license as well as other ID proofs.

Wicked Ride and Uber have partnered previously as well. This was their second joint venture to promote the startup. The rental two-wheeler service will be provided free of cost, for a limited period. Rides cannot be longer than 15 minutes.

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