Plan To Register Your New Two-Wheeler Here Are The Revised Fees

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India is recently experiencing high-end and performance focused two-wheelers. Several two-wheeler enthusiasts have been planning to buy their desired superbike. Unfortunately, most of them will have to put their dream on hold, owing to the hike in registration costs in Maharashtra.

Both CKD (Completely Knocked Down) and CBU (Completely Built Units) attracted a registration fee of seven percent. Citizens of Maharashtra will now have to shell out more money for registration than before for both CKD as well as CBU two-wheelers.

CKD models sold in Maharashtra below 99cc will attract eight percent registration fee. New two-wheelers between 100cc to 299cc will bear a registration fee of nine percent. Two-wheeler with an engine capacity over 300cc will have to cough up ten percent for registering their new bikes.

CBU models sold in the Maharashtra will be worse affected as the registration fees have almost doubled. Two-wheelers ranging from 100cc to 299cc will bear an 18 percent registration fee. Models with an engine over 300cc attract a 20 percent registration fee.

Most superbikes sold in India are CBU models and are priced over the Rs. 10 lakh barrier. This means that potential owners will have to cough up exuberant registration costs. We believe this could affect the sales of several manufacturers in Maharashtra.

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