Suzuki Extrigger Electric Mini Bike To Compete With The Honda Grom?

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The Honda Grom is a peculiar motorcycle. It is small, but powered by a typical motorcycle engine and can be ridden like one. The Grom immediately became a successful product in many places and this opened the eyes of Honda's competitors.

The first Japanese manufacturer to launch a competitor to the Grom was Kawasaki, in the form of the Z125 Pro. Suzuki was next in line, but instead of launching a mini bike, the Japanese brand showcased the Extrigger during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Although the Suzuki Extrigger concept was shelved back then, there seems to be a possibility that Suzuki will put the mini bike into production. Suzuki has applied for patents in China, Europe, and the United States for the Extrigger.

So what makes it different from the Grom and the Z125 Pro if you're wondering, the Extrigger is powered by an electric motor unlike the other two. The Extrigger's motor is enough to power the bike for 32km on a full charge, but the production variant is expected to have more range.

Fancy one already? The Suzuki Extrigger is expected to launch early 2017 in the international market.

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