Royal Enfield EFI vs Royal Enfield Carburetor Comparison

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Does the EFI perform better than the carburetor on motorcycles? Read on for a thorough understanding of the difference.

royal enfield efi vs royal enfield carburetor comparison


Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

This system is monitored by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which controls with a high-pressure fuel delivery system to provide optimum power and fuel efficiency.


This is a device which mixes air and liquid fuel, and fine sprays to the internal-combustion engine to fire it up and get it started.

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Royal Enfield offers both EFI and Carburetor in their motorcycles, however, EFI is available only in their 500+cc motorcycles, except the Bullet 500 and the newly launched Himalayan 411cc, these two come with carburetors with throttle sensors.

Mileage & Performance

The EFI has a better throttle response and mileage compared to the carburetor and the EFI complies with current emission norms. The carburetor has a lot of mechanical devices which could make the maintenance cumbersome. As for the EFI, electronic sensors does the work and it is easy to maintain.

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You can expect at least 3-5 kmpl more on the EFI and its a technologically advanced system of fuel delivery, on the other hand, the carburetor is an old technology, however, it's a tried and tested system which has been in use for a very long time in motorcycles.


Since the EFI is a newer technology, it does come at a cost, the price of these are relatively higher compared the carburetor. This, in turn, makes the motorcycle costlier compared to the carburetor bikes.

Royal Enfield & Fuel Delivery System

Royal Enfield has been offering their bikes on the carburetor system for some time now, however, with the emission norms getting stringent, they had to move on and provide EFI technology for their motorcycles.

The company which is known for its mid-sized engine and lower pricing had to offer the carburetor in their range of bikes to make it cost effective, hence, these are fitted in the 350cc units and in the recently launched Himalayan.

One of the reason for Royal Enfield to fit the carburetor in the Himalayan is to keep its cost effective which was one of their main agenda.


The EFI is a definite winner in terms of performance, emission norms and it is indeed a technologically advanced system of fuel delivery. Most of the Royal Enfield motorcycles in the future will move to the EFI as this will become a requirement in terms of emission. In fact, Royal Enfield will feature the EFI in their Himalayan for global customers.

As for the carburetor, it's the tried and tested model and has gone through several years of testing, these are still a preferred fuel delivery system for some of the lesser powered machines like lawn mowers and smaller equipment.

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