Rider & Pillion Helmets Compulsory Across Maharashtra

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The Bombay High Court has now instructed the Transport Department on making rider and pillion helmets compulsory across Maharashtra. All Regional Transport Offices will have to implement the new rule in their given areas.

Every new motorcycle or scooter sold in the state will have to be followed with the sale of two helmets, one for the rider and the other for the pillion. New applicants for two-wheeler license will have to provide a written statement that they will follow the rule of wearing a helmet.

Use of a helmet is yet a controversial subject across Maharashtra. Some two-wheeler owners complete detest the new rule of rider and pillion wearing helmets. The others have accepted the rule and are positive about its implementation across the state.

Most riders know the value of a good helmet that can protect the head in case of an accident. Everyone knows that the pillion is usually the worst affected during accidents. The use of helmet provides both the rider and pillion a chance at survival during a simple or horrific accident.

Several officials have been trying to make use of helmet compulsory for both rider and pillion in various states. In some states use of a helmet is compulsory, while in most it is not taken seriously. Our opinion is that helmet is an important safety gear when it comes to an accident on a two-wheeler.

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