Pillions Without Helmet On Two-Wheelers To Be Fined In Mumbai

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It is mandatory for the rider of a two-wheeler to wear a helmet in most parts of India. Unfortunately, the rules are not so stringent for the pillion rider, who usually suffers more in an accident. From January 6, 2016, all two-wheeler riders and pillions plying on Mumbai roads will have to wear helmets.

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Pillion riders caught without a helmet will be fined and will have to attend a two-hour seminar on traffic rules at their respective RTO (Regional Transport Office).

Transport Department and Traffic Police had issued a notice on December 31, 2015. The Transport Minister, Diwakar Raote has executed the new rule on fining pillion riders as well in Mumbai. Other violations like overloaded vehicles and use of passenger vehicles for carrying heavy goods will also be penalised.

Several officials will be scattered around Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai to make sure individuals follow the new rule. In our opinion, it is best for both rider and pillion to always wear a helmet. Safety is important and we should take care of our delicate bodies.

The new rule also states that individuals caught driving drunk, speeding, jumping signals, and talking on the mobile while driving/riding will be fined. Individuals could also end up with their license being suspended for a maximum period of three months.

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