Mahindra Mojo — Ride To Freedom With The Mojo Tribe

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One does not really need a reason to go on a ride on a motorcycle, but riding to promote a cause on Independence Day can be considered more of a responsibility. That is what more than 50 bikers had in mind and set out.

50 bikers, riding Mahindra Mojos set out on a ride on India's 70th Independence Day. The ride was from Bangalore to Nandi Hills, a tourist attraction 70km away from Bangalore. The riders, along with Mahindra wanted to promote a very important traffic rule — give way to an Ambulance.

The ride set off early, at around 6:30 a.m from Apfa Motors, the authorised Mahindra Two-Wheeler outlet, located at Domlur, Bangalore. The ride was officially flagged off from the showroom and proceded towards Palace Grounds, where after a quick regroup, we headed off to Nandi Hills.

The ride was organised very well, where the riders followed a safe formation riding towards the destination. The group had a lead biker and a sweep, who ensured everybody were safe and nobody was missed out.

Arriving at Nandi Hills, we regrouped for some delicious breakfast, and spent time discussing about motorcycles and what each customer had done to their respective Mojos, to make his or her motorcycle stand out from the rest.

High on their riding spirits, and deep down knowing the fact that a really important cause was made aware, a truly remarkable Independence Day was celebrated.

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